About Us

Starting with the vision of their grandfather, Angelo Morano, and his landscaping business in 1952, a multi-level company took root and continues to grow each day.


Valerio Morano Sagliocco, Director/Principal Designer of Morano Landscape Garden Design & Co-Owner of Ridgeway Garden Center, and Andrea Morano Sagliocco, Co-Owner of Ridgeway Garden Center, have successfully carried on their grandfather's legacy in creating innovative landscapes that are both beautiful and functional. Now, the family is proud to announce their latest development, a full-service garden center meets pop-up plant shop in Larchmont, NY. 

This fenced property, just under an acre, will house everything from maple trees and patio displays to indoor plants and garden accessories. It will also feature an eco-friendly green wall filled with edibles, annuals, and perennials - the first of its kind in the surrounding area. In addition to all the retail attractions, Weaver Gardens will offer a full array of landscaping services including design, install and maintenance. Plus, a variety of workshops, demonstrations, and gatherings to encourage knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of community.